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Zagaceta Arts

Visionary artwork of Alfredo Zagaceta

My art is an expression of my soul.  I put my heart and soul into every brush stroke.  I love sharing this art with people from around the world to help them heal and feel more connected to their divine nature.  Please enjoy any of my offerings.  Many blessings to you all.

Offerings: Welcome

Beautiful Original Artwork

Alfredo Zagaceta is a world renown visionary artist with over 40 years of painting experience. His gallery and main studio is located in Pucallpa Peru. Additional originals in galleries in Vail and Chicago USA.

Art That Makes You Look Twice

Alfredo's attention to detail and his use of color unveils a three dimensional world and his use of UV activated paints create an entire new painting with the use of backlights.

Zagaceta Arts: Gallery Exhibitions

Alfredo have had extensive gallery showings throughout Europe, South American and the United States.


Commissioned Artwork

Have an idea for a painting?  Alfredo has been commissioned by people through the world to create a custom masterpiece.

Wearable Artwork

Eye-catching clothing featuring Alfredo's visionary art is a perfect gift for yourself or a special someone.

Get some clothing

Alfredo Merchandise

Like a certain painting of Alfredos? Merchandise such as coffee mugs, yoga mats and tapestries are available.


Prints are Available

People love Alfredo's art but often can not afford the original pieces.  Thus we have prints available for your wall.  This is a great gift idea for yourself or that special someone.

Art Lectures

Alfredo travels extensively lecturing about his culture, his artwork and his artistic perspective on the world.  Online lectures are available as well.

Learn from Alfredo

Want to learn from Alfredo? Alfredo travels the world teaching his techniques with hands on workshops where Alfredo guides students to take their art to a whole new level. Online mentorship available as well.


Music as Art

In addition to his beautiful artwork, Alfredo is also a talented musician; native flutes, guitars and voice.  Alfredo often performs music at his art gatherings.


Alfredo often collaborates on projects with various artists around the world.  Are you interested in collaborating on a project?  Let us know more...

LIVE Painting

Alfredo is available to LIVE paint at gallery showings, special events and festivals.  Let us know what you have in mind.

Get in touch for interviews or press coverage.

Offerings: Press
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